My name is Dharamendra

This is dedicated to people with suspected ‘uncool’ names.
Names that sketch parallel lines with the way they get featured in the anonymous crowd .

First in is a hippie character Dharamendra, who call himself ‘Dharm’ or even ‘DJ’ after he got to know that he can actually toy around with his name. This self-tortured teen got his first birthday party heavily celebrated with letterings done on the birthday cake that spelled D-H-A-R-M-M.
Recorded… candles brightly and blindly planted on top of it. “I am no kid” says the kid.

Suggested name= *daddy

Too a common nicked name.
Rule: If your name is ‘uncool’ and it starts with S, the most observatory name you can cling to is this.
Girls-“‘you are forced to pick random. Else try out ‘Sidi’, which I know you wont.”
My regards.

Suggested= C.I.D

Krishneswar= Kris/ Kristopher?
In your head, angrezi sounds cool.
On count, Krishneswar and Kristopher have just one letter difference.

Suggested= Super-hero, Chrishneswar

Jaishanker= Jay / Shanky?
Jaishankar and drums contradicts huh! Or blend it? Its w.O.w !

Suggested= J

Akash/Akshay= Aki?
What’s so wrong with A-K-A-S-H?
Suggested= Akash, Akshay

P.S: No bothering to girls.
By a hopeful victim.

  1. Tickled my TB infected ribs all the way.Idea, I can try sud. What’s your suggestion ?

  2. Height of Uncool to Cool transformation, I know this guy (from San Jose)Velachammy Shankaralingam => Vale 😀

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