On Fame- Short Term Memory Lost

There’s this word which got really famous.

“Short Term Memory Lost” and also known as STML by a the techies.

No matter what the consequences are, it seems even the most illiterate Indian people have had ‘short term memory lost’ lately.

Very much predictably, everyone in India got it the same time when ‘Ghajini’ had one.

STML for hanging the keys on the wall and searching for it all the house- office goers

STML for keeping the water tap open- maids

STML for burning the milk on stove- housewives

STML for not completing the homework- hardcore students

STML for forgetting the name of her boyfriend- teen girls

STML for not flushing the toilets- anyone and anywhere

STML for not remembering people’s faces- social networking geeks

STML for not mending the footpath ka potholes- government

STML for locking a roommate inside the room- a friend of mine!

STML in India is now happening! Either India is suffering or gaining more knowledge or learning to make more excuses….. We, the people of India, still know the Indians very well.


(On air)

At the end of the interview…

The Radio Jockey: “Sir, would you please say a famous line from any of your movies for our listeners?”

Aamir:”I don’t remember exactly….. Short Term Memory Lost you see.” (And he laughs).


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