Mere Optimism

Wake up in the morning and smell the breaking news!
Our very own TV box had been talking about an employee who broke his silence against his manager who was allegedly accused of ‘stealing his wife’. The more precise report cracked truth about the-wife, who worked for the same company, was a pretty lady of 25, graduated from the same college where the manager was. As per the analysis, the allegation was casually true.
However, the man lost both his wife and his job.

My friend seemed to adore this news! And I came to the discovery of yet another similar story. Her boyfriend was supposedly going around with her boss. For the last few weeks, all she could do in her free time was pressing her ears through the walls listening to phone conversations, peeping through doors, managing to get hold of his laundry bag, dropping to check his inbox, sweet calls 3-4times a day (I would call it ‘wh’-calls of where what why). Whether she was just a little paranoid or depressed, she definitely seemed to have figured out what to do next!

She cried out, “Thanks to breaking news!!” before she was smiling all along staring at me and looking somewhere else. She finally revealed to me. She spoke of how surprisingly the news inspired her and what a waste she had been to linger around a guy who just doesn’t seem to be interested in her anymore. She decided to unscramble herself and do what the employee did.

And here she was…. Full bloom super girl!
-Who won’t talk to walls anymore.
-Who won’t be cocooned to one floor, one table, one computer.
And she tasted like hope.

Few hours later, she returned home with a smile and I knew it.
And she accepted, “who wants to ruin her job for a loser?”

And it all remains the same.


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