Personalizing Numbers

Every non-existent object evokes uncertain attire. That means I do not know how to explain when an abstract noun looks like something which we are certain about. For a better depth, I should lead you to an example but I do not guarantee that you will accept all the comparisons that I shall put forth.

Does the number 4 looks feminine to you?

4 is ladylike to me and I have my sister who agrees with it.
7 seems handsome, egoistic and intelligent while 6 a weak ordinary gentlemen.
Some won’t agree with these and I agree with your disagreement that 5 is my Rishi Kapoor. Queerly because 5 looks stout and plump and good hearted. While 8 is perceived as the annoying rook from the chessboard, 9 the smart queen and the clever sly seems very 3.

2 is a duck.
Very much duck.

  1. Daiz said:

    I completely agree about 2 🙂

  2. Priyanka said:

    i agree to most of it … nd its very much true accrdin to numerology too 🙂

  3. Dolly said:

    i didnt know about the numerology thing but i thought it was the other way of describing abstract nouns 🙂

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