A Joyous Account on an Idiosyncratic Activity of a Homo-mortal

I do not get three things ….. Why people stare, how do people stare and what do people stare at!!
Probably, self assuming that I have a face that is not as plain as it seems like, there can be three categories of STARRERS AND STARINGS

a. ‘People You Don’t Know’ starrers
b. ‘People You Know’ starrers
c. ‘People You Think You Know’ starrers

The first category welcomes strangers of significant kinds.
Include homo-mortals as Roadside Romeos, who got no particular reason to stare other than the fact that you are born a girl or girl-like.
Other than the ROMEOs, ‘People You Don’t Know’ starrers are just another stranger you come across who stare at you, trying to understand your moves…. just stare at you, trying to understand your face…. just stare at you, trying to understand your mind……
For no particular reason however!

The second category of starrers include your family your friends and whole lotta people.
‘People You Know’ welcomes everyone you know….. or not quite…. let me make it a little more complicated…. ‘People You Know’ welcomes people you actually know!
And hang on, to further make it shorter and even more complicated, I am summarizing it in one sentence- Remember that, ‘People you know’, know YOU too, therefore their staring won’t make much difference, because they must have had already assumed everything about you.
Besides that previous sentence, I have one more concern. Time and time again, I find my sweet mother staring at me from the corner of my eye, while I would be pretending that I am watching TV. Is it normal? My sometimes skeptical mind makes me too nervous for no particular reason… however!

Thirdness, people! This last category of starrers is the harmless lot.
You just don’t have a clue. ‘People You Think You Know’ are either homo-mortals whose existence made no difference to your life whatsoever or they are people to whom your existence made no difference to them whatsoever! You are just too awesome to them without any reason.

Lastly, I know you expected one shot of my last few lines:
Honestly and sincerely, sorry world, to have written such an unproductive article. I quite feel a little pain for people who have manage to read till the end. Well, I would just like to make my intentions clear, that I purposely actually truly write things for no particular reason however!


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