The Tea and The tale

I made maggi, and made tea.
I got myself few chocolate cakes as well.
It tasted amazing for the first few minutes, before I got cold and couldn’t push myself further to have more.

And I probably still don’t know why its kept uneaten.
The tea wasn’t bad, infact, it was quite good.
And I have always loved chocolate cakes even though maggi and cakes don’t really compliment each other.
But the half filled tea in a big fat green cup is a prettier sight for me, right now.
Quite really acoustic, it compliments the huge amount of leftover tea as well.

Green, so huge. Tea, so brown. Both so colourful and everything so subdued.

Further complicating this little matter, I should accept a fact that I was hungry. A whole evening without a single meal has been a crazy experience. But that still doesn’t help me gobble the food which is lying next to me right now.

Its been an absolute NO NO.
Probably, I must have been too stressed about these exams. Not a convincing reason though.
or maybe, sometimes I just like to stare and do nothing.

Not so convincing either.

Or is it just that, I am simply a little sad.

Well, I must have been missing something out here.


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