Echoes and Human Sounds: Half Light I: Arcade Fire

It doesn’t even need a reason to be sad about, infact, there is no reason.

Somehow, I just don’t know how to describe them. They are just so afternoon. This is one of those momentary elapses, when too many thoughts would be running in the head and everything starts feel a bit strange. The sun is half down and I feel like running towards it, for no reason whatsoever but then I would rather not even think about it because I know I wouldn’t do it. I am just a thinking coward. I wouldn’t chase an echo, there is too much pride in me and it would again make me even more sad.

While the song keeps repeating, it talks about houses, oceans and streets, this will probably just go on for the whole night and it would pass away like any other day…. sitting in my room and listening songs of oceans. That might have been the exact thoughts running in their head while they were making this song, which is why it sounds so distant. They are locked up in somewhere, a house, they say and the nights come.

and what they left behind are just strange echoes.


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