Being Cornered

There are places, people and spaces. Everything has a certain purpose in life. The uncertainties of life are hard to figure out for sure. Then there is this thing called phases of intense emotions, good and bad, which cannot be helped but maybe at the most ignored for a while but only to be hit by one like a water storm. Everything sure has a breaking point.

Lets say, I am talking about a hypothetical situation. What would you do if you were being cornered to one corner of a room that has four corners? And let it be a room with a view. The view stays right opposite to where you are and you are the movable object here. People can move you from point A to point B and you usually don’t have a choice because you are a good-doer. But everybody is a little greedy. Humans you know, isn’t physics that could be why it’s a bit more complex sometimes. So point A to B and B to A is where you are oscillating. Then greed overtakes and the oscillating stops. Now you are fixed, pushed to having one position, let’s say point B. That leaves you with options:

  • Either you submit to people’s confrontations
  • Either you submit to self-respect

The other factors affecting the decisions could be:

  • Prolonged attachment with the view in the room, knowing that you would miss both the sunrise and the sunset.
  • Prolonged attachment
  • Overlong attachment

Want to remain a good-doer? Do what people say.

Want your own space? Prepare to be a bad-doer.

Because nobody is really a bad person. Good people become bad as per his/her own standard measurements. So, everybody is actually good, well, almost.

P.S. Emotions are godamn reckless. Pretty much hard to control when you know you are falling in and falling out for people. The point of thoughtlessness in this is that you when are about to fall for people all you see is the good things and when you are about to fall out, all you see is everything. Godamn, I almost fell for the wrong person.


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