The world is a perspective in between space and time and people and we see only what we want to see. While, to be found is a fate and to be loved is a satisfaction, our reality is consumed by everyone we know. From a stranger at the metro station to a close enemy we don’t wanna meet, whether we meet or not was never the point. Everybody still exists in the headspace because we breathe time as much as we breathe space. There is truth as long as there is false. Whats real is here. Whats not isn’t. Thoughts are just mere points of relativity and we are only tiny particles in the universe whose lives mean nothing to people we have never even met. So how many people have we not met? Maybe thats why we people like to make ourselves believe being famous is great. Greater the fame, the more people we meet and our lives start looking seemingly important to people. But, to whom ultimately? To all the people whom we still do not know. Then let alone people who says the more famous you become, the lonelier you grow. I guess it isn’t a total lie after all. Because our lives could mean something to them but theirs mean nothing to us. No people = no thoughts = no directions= no purpose. So what would serve as a purpose in life? To live? To earn money? To live an extraordinary life? Or to be happy? Whats real is here. Whats not isn’t. Thoughts are relative as much as the reality is. So let us create our lives. If we live on, partly in reality and partly in our dreams, escape when its needed and love when we have to. Grow old as we are going to, escape again as we should, into dreams. In dreams. With people we want to. With dogs, cats and humans. With men and mice, we wouldn’t end up becoming the bitter old man as we thought we would. Because we grow as we live and we live as we love. The world has enough space for everything and there are too many points of relativity.

How do we start?

Love life.


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