In Between

I got nothing much to lose and a lot to gain from life. I am going to create what I have never had- a simpler life. A life so naïve and simple that it’s too complicated for people to even understand. A transparent heart and elusive mind, strange memories and beautiful sounds, somewhere far away, in the mountains- unpretentious and playful. It’s a long way from here but I believe there exist a world where no bad memories can even reach or change our minds anymore. A place where our hearts are warm and it invites goodness. There is a place somewhere and I shall walk alone if I have to, till the end and to experience something more than mere problems. What could possibly be beyond this point? A solution for everything and the solution is to fill the gaps of our past lives and to move further into the wild, talk to animals and humans and drink water from the mountain spring, sleep on the rocks, run on the fields, jump a little maybe, scream my name making sure nobody hears it, nobody should call my name, nobody is allowed to, nobody except me. No memories can reach this place and the only thing that exists is the present and the sense of this place. Somewhere in my dreams.

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